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My Sister Maureen© - She’s a good person. She can’t help it. I mean, ever since she was little, she was different. Not strikingly different. But if you watched her for a while, you’d notice subtle differences. In fact, the kindergarten teacher picked up on it, alerted my mother, and tried to help my sister “fit into the mold.” She wanted my sister to “have an easier time” fitting into society, and she knew that if Maureen “did not change her ways,” life would be much, much harder for her.

And too, how would that reflect on the rest of the family, her school, her church? Although I know that there are some documented cases of people like her committing crimes like sexual abuse or murder, I try not to generalize threnoir womenat she is like that. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really bother me that much that Maureen is “that way,” I tell her that I don’t understand it, but she is my sister, so I do still love her…even though she is…the “L-word.” And if she doesn’t make a big deal about it, perhaps she may be able to “pass” as being normal (“the norm”).

I doubt if anyone will ever know exactly what percent of people are “different” like my sister. Although there have been some studies done, researchers still don’t know what the cause is: genetic, environmental, the effect of maternal hormones during fetal life, or a combination. So I do take some precautions: I am always present when my two daughters are around their aunt…just in case it might be “catching”—and they might become Left-handed too.

P. S. Because the kindergarten teacher INSISTED that Maureen color with her RIGHT hand, my strong-willed sister did as she was told. She DID use her RIGHT hand—and with it she made a statement: she did ALL of her coloring with ONE crayon—the BLACK one.

Written by Maureen’s lesbian sister, Kathleen